Author Visits

The age groups listed are suggestions, I will not be a stickler if your kids fall outside the age group of the presentation you want, or if you have a mixed age group, it is up to you which presentation you want.

Presentations for Groups aged K-3rd

For younger kids, I will come to your classroom, library, or other event, to do a reading of one of my picture books along with a discussion about its topics. Currently, I am offering a reading and discussion of “Do Owls Have Tongues? And Other Big Questions.” The discussion centers around communication, how to find safe adults, and building confidence to ask questions.

“Do Owls Have Tongues?” is a delightful book with a ton of fun questions that will get kids giggling and thinking. Not only does this open discussions about the topics in the books, it also helps kids come forward with their own big questions and find the confidence to explore their world.

Presentations for groups aged 4th Grade +

For children of the 4th grade, or about 9 years old, and up, I offer a presentation that deals with overcoming obstacles, how to work towards goals, and keeping the joy in your life. I talk about my journey as an author, my inspiration for writing, and the hard work it takes to reach your dreams.

This includes a workshop portion where the kids get to participate in one of two options: Either we can dissect a book they have read or a story they are familiar with, or we can create a story from scratch with the kids.

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