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Chanza Wolfbllod: Fading Starlight, hardcover

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When stars don't shine, darkness devours.

The light of Alioth has always protected the Starlighters from what lurks in the shadows. When the starlight starts to fade, answers can only be found beyond the treacherous Dark Wilds. Chanza Wolfblood is the only one who can hope to survive the journey. But why should she bother saving a world that never wanted her in the first place?

"I have never been welcome within the Starlight, but it's up to me to bring it back."

Join Chanza on her quest and explore the world of Stellaria, where mushrooms grow as tall as trees, lakes glow with magical starlight, and frogs can be big enough to ride. Fans of Gregor the Overlander, Percy Jackson, and the Warriors series will love this thrilling adventure in the magical world of Stellaria. Dive into book one of the Chanza Wolfblood trilogy and discover a world of magic, adventure, and friendship.

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