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Standardized Heroics, paperback

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Surviving high school is hard enough without being a villain’s kid, but Skylar isn’t letting that stop him. If nobody knows his dad is a supervillain, he can still become a Hero, right? Skylar enrolls in the Aspiring Heroes Program determined to break free of his family legacy. Everything is going fine until Skylar shows up to school one day with his secret revealed and his friends wondering what else he’s been hiding. To make things worse, his dad, Dr. Vile, has made a new, dangerous ally, who is much too interested in Skylar. Can Skylar overcome society’s expectations? Or was he doomed to a life of crime before he was even born?

Fighting through the perils of high school and caught up in villainous plots, Skylar gets himself into scrapes that range from comedic to downright deadly.If you enjoyed Ordinary Boy or the Incredibles, this book is for you. The riveting sequel to The Class Villain brings the cycle full circle.

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